Simple ceviche -- first catch your sea bass

Topsham, Devon November 13, 2010 Our day (unabridged):

fishing on the Exe

Went fishing.


exe in November

Very windy.


The Mighty Kim

Favorite hat blew off. Kim rescued it (brava Kim!)



Caught a sea bass. Made simple ceviche.


Simple ceviche

1. First catch your sea bass.

2. Alternatively, purchase the freshest fish you can buy. Freshness is more important than type of fish - we love ceviche made with really fresh mackerel, for example, a fish that is no where near as prized - or as expensive - as sea bass - but which when eaten within a few hours of being landed is exceptional.

3. Fillet, pin-bone and skin the fish (or have a fishmonger do this for you).

4. Slice fish into very thin strips (do this 15 minutes or so before you want to eat).

5. Chop a ripe avocado. Chop 3 ripe tomatoes. Chop handful of cilantro. Finely slice a red chilli. Roughly chop a as many pickled jalapeños as you fancy.

6. Mix all of the above together with a splash of sherry vinegar, a dash of Lea & Perrins, a sprinkle of salt, perhaps a further squeeze of lime juice.

7. When you are almost ready to eat, mix the sliced fish with the juice of 1 or 2 limes, mixing well with your hands. Leave for no more than 15 minutes, just long enough for the fish flesh to turn opaque, indicating that it is 'cooked'.

8. Add fish and juice to the avocado and tomatoes, mix well, and serve immediately.

my hat

The hat.

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