July 2000

The 1st Nello Memorial Pasta Century Cycle Challenge
Pasta Feast Menu


Greek marinated olives
A range of salads including:
Mixed organic lettuces with lemon juice/Greek olive oil dressing, and garlic chives
Cucumber, tomatoes and fresh mint
Roasted red peppers with fresh marjoram, marinated olives and olive oil
(all prepared by Christine McFadden and Rosie Barron with vegetables from Highfield Organic Farm, fresh herbs from Christine's garden, and wonderful Greek produce supplied by Rosie)

Olive bread / rigani cheese bread / spinach bread / currant bread / country
bread (all made by Dan Lepard from recipes by Rosie Barron)
Focaccia, wholemeal, rice and other breads (made by Anna Evans of Real Cakes)
Selection of baguettes (supplied by Neil Tubbs, cyclist)

Pasta, polenta e risotto:
Duck confit and fennel risotto (Michael Caines)
Risotto alla milanese (John Brandon, deputy headteacher and former chef at Nello's Ristorante, cooked outdoors)
Quadretti rigati pasta with fresh tomatoes, basil, garlic and olive oil (Emi Kazuko)
Penne with frutti di mare (Michael Caines)
Baked pasta "allo Nello" (with tomatoes, cream and pesto made by Barry and Kathy Parsons, pasta and pesto supplied by Sacla on behalf of Jane Milton)
Polenta alla griglia with oven roasted vegetables (polenta made and expertly grilled by Paola Nono; vegetables by Michele Millon and Laura)
Lasagne (Kevin Fitzpatrick and Flip Webster)

Fish and meats:
Tuscan sausages braised in red wine and porcini mushroom sauce (sausages made to order by Turton's Butchers and cooked by Emi Kazuko; sauce prepared by Marc)
from the charcoal grill:
Fresh mackerel and scallops (first caught then cooked by David and Ondine Curley)
Chicken, sausages and lamb (supplied by Arthurs Butchers and cooked by David and Ondine and Paul Russell)

Cretan graviera (from 2 different cheese-makers) / hand-kneaded
kasseri / manouri, both plain and with herbs (all supplied by Rosie Barron)

Strawberries and raspberries (picked on the day by the Boyce family at Shillingford St. George and prepared by Jilly Phillips)
Clotted cream (freshly made for us by Quickes Dairy, Newton St. Cyres)
Fruit cakes, flapjacks and huge range of other baked goods (prepared by numerous friends to feed cyclists en route; sugar supplied by Billingtons on behalf of Carol Wilson)

Cascina Fontana Barbera d'Alba (made by and driven over for the event by winemakers Mario and Luisa Fontana, Castiglione Falletto, Alba)
Cordials and pressés (supplied by Bottle Green Drinks Company on behalf of Jane Milton)

The 1st Nello Memorial Pasta Century Cycle Challenge Ride Report

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